If you believe sound is as important as
picture, you've come to the right place. Great Sound, No Excuses.

Location Sound Asia is a subsidiary company of the full
audio service company, Addaudio. Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, we operate throughout the Asian region with the majority of our work supporting productions within Malaysia.

We maintain multiple sound teams offering location
sound recording services
for productions on set and on location.

Our teams are led by fully qualified and experienced production mixers.
Our teams come fully equipped with their own transport including a dedicated
specially modified truck with a tail-gate lift and 4 wheel drive vehicles for
remote locations.

Most significantly, Location Sound Asia offers a vast array of international
standard location sound equipment. Throughout our operational years we have
accumulated premium brands and multiple units to facilitate even very large
productions. We have a continued investment plan that keeps our comprehensive
equipment list expanding and up to date. (See Equipment for more information)

We provide audio playback services for music videos and
others scenarios requiring talent to perform to pre-recorded material. Our
services include preparing playback material for multiple frame
like hi-speed shots and under cranking, or unique requirements
situations of Motion Control shoots.

Our recent projects include local and international feature films,
Independent features, corporate, documentary and television long form; in
addition to our staple of TV advertising commercials.

Location Sound Asia takes its responsibility very seriously to provide clean
& useable audio for our clients. We supply comprehensive, detailed
logs(computer prints), sound reports with all the relevant information.

Our full editorial service sister company Edithouse, offers accurate Sound
Synching Services
. Location Sound Asia production audio files are
transferred to the Avid via OMfi or .wav files, for matching to one light
telecine tapes. Each take is checked for accuracy and missed slates (like
camera run outs
) before it is synchronized. The path keeps all the audio in
a digital domain, we’ll re-stripe your rushes and if required we make a copy for
Director / DOP review.